Gruppo BolognaFiere considers sustainability – defined as environmental safeguard, health and safety – both a fundamental right and an indispensable prerequisite for the development of its business.



In 2018, BolognaFiere put in place a series of environmental management procedures, obtaining UNI EN ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management System in 2019. The system is subject to a strict yearly audit.

ISO 14001 certification together with the Group’s Health and Safety System ensure compliance with the environmental and safety requirements laid down by Italy’s Consolidated Laws on Environmental Protection, and Health and Safety, providing further incentive to strive for even better environmental and safety performance.


Our Exhibition Centre has its own photovoltaic system. Any energy we purchase is sought from renewable sources, while a high-efficiency tri-generation plant provides for our HVAC needs.

In addition, BolognaFiere operates in compliance with Building Management Systems that ensure optimal use of heat-transfer fluids, constant water resource monitoring, and separated waste management. We also actively promote environmental awareness and compliance among of our event-organiser partners.

Together with Enea (Italy’s Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment), BolognaFiere has undertaken an environmental assessment study of its exhibition stands.

The Group is also in the process of obtaining ISO 50001 certification for its Energy Management System.


Protecting the well-being and safeguarding the health and safety of its workers is another fundamental BolognaFiere commitment.

Fully aware that achieving our sustainability goals is only possible with co-worker involvement, the Group has put in place a series of processes and coordinated action whose key parameters are monitored and followed up, if necessary, with corrective measures to ensure we stay on track, delivering on our objectives while aiming for continuous improvement.


The Group maintains constant communication with Worker Representatives. The first site protocol identifying further workplace safety measures was drawn up together with trade unions as early as 2008.

In 2010, BolognaFiere was the first Italian exhibition centre to obtain BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certification – subsequently becoming UNI ISO 45001 in 2018 – which entails periodic audits to verify the effective application of procedures by all parties operating in the exhibition centre.

BolognaFiere promotes worker training and information beyond the minimum regulatory requirements, also organising subject-specific seminars and conferences.

As well as maintaining close ties with its local community, BolognaFiere is mindful of its stakeholders, involving and updating them on the rollout of its processes.

As part of the fight against undocumented work - for example, among sub-contractor firms operating in the exhibition centre - BolognaFiere has adopted a special portal – PASS – issuing entry passes only to regularly employed workers.

In 2019, BolognaFiere represented its trade association, AEFI, at the drafting of trade-fair installation safety guidelines drawn up by INAIL, Italy’s accident insurance institute.



BolognaFiere’s governance is made up of an administrative body (Board of Directors) a decision-making body (Shareholders' Meeting), and a supervisory body (Board of Statutory Auditors).

Ensuring a broad representation of interests, the Board of Directors is appointed from lists of candidates submitted by shareholders. Currently made up of 10 members - 3 of whom women – they all meet the eligibility, professionalism and reputation requirements in compliance with the principles of integrity, transparency, and honesty.

Comprising three standing auditors, all women, the Board of Statutory Auditors is tasked with supervising the activities of the Board Directors, ensuring that the Company is managed in compliance with statutory law and the Group’s Articles of Association.



BolognaFiere implements environmental sustainability and safety strategies throughout the whole development and rollout process of trade fairs and events. We provide context-specific services for all customers, and assist organisers seeking ISO 20121 certification by assessing the sustainability of their exhibition booths. The systems used by BolognaFiere’s exhibit design and installation subsidiary are 100% reusable and fully emission-compensated. We promote green and shared mobility to reach the exhibition centre, and have an access management system for organisers and participants known as Terminal. All our systems are continuously monitored to ensure they meet environmental and safety requirements.

In 2022, BolognaFiere participated in the meeting to drawn up the joint sustainability and safety guidelines of ASAL (the trade association of stand organisers) and AEFI, the industry’s trade association.

Each year, BolognaFiere allocates investments to improve safety at its main venue, reduce its environmental impact, and provide sustainability and safety training.