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The Bologna Exhibition Centre has a parking system equipped with 14,500 covered parking spaces.

Access and services for people with disabilities

People with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs will find dedicated accesses and services for them at BolognaFiere.

For those arriving by car
Take exit no. 8 from the ring road; there are reserved parking spaces at the public entrances on Via Michelino and Piazza Costituzione.
For those arriving by taxi

Contact Cotabo at least 24 hours in advance.

Radio taxi service:

Tel. 051 372727 (24h), 051 374300 (from 8:00 to 17:00 on weekdays)

Reservation service:

Tel. 051 374300 (from 8:00 to 17:00 on weekdays).

At the trade fair

Accessibility to all areas of the Exhibition Centre that are open to the public is guaranteed.

Hand-pushed equipment for people with impaired mobility is available free of charge at the public entrances. To request it, simply contact the service staff.

Safety at BolognaFiere

We guarantee visitors, exhibitors and organisers safe participation in the fairs and events held in our Centre. Our ventilation and air conditioning system is among the most modern and advanced.

As of 1 April 2022, a Green Pass to access the trade fairs is not required.

Within the Exhibition Centre, flows are organised with the aim of avoiding gatherings and encouraging compliance with preventive measures.

The use of a face mask is no longer mandatory, but is recommended in crowded situations.

Access to the exhibition centre

Anyone accessing the Exhibition Centre must:

  • during the exhibitions: have their entrance authorisation (ticket, pass, etc.)
  • during the set-up and break-down phases: have the entrance ticket downloadable from the platform dedicated to suppliers (

Safety measures adopted by BolognaFiere
  • We have invested in upgrading and improving the performance of air conditioning systems to ensure appropriate air exchange
  • we have widened the aisles and decreased the density of stands during events to ensure distancing
  • we have established a signage system, in Italian and English, to remind people of the main measures to contain Covid-19
  • for most of our events, to alleviate queues at the ticket counters, we have chosen to adopt online tickets as the main or exclusive mode of selling tickets
  • we guarantee thorough cleaning and sanitation of common areas
  • we have placed sanitising gel dispensers in around a hundred locations throughout the Centre
  • during events and during the set-up and break-down phases, we have put in place a Covid emergency plan and a medical first aid service with trained personnel.

Exhibitors and security

We advise each exhibitor, within their stand, to:

  • provide sanitising gel dispensers
  • provide for cleaning and sanitation
  • organise spaces so that people enter, visit and exit in an orderly manner
  • set up offices and restricted areas always ensuring adequate air exchange
  • preferably use materials that are easy to wash
  • if using touch screens, place a dispenser of sanitising gel next to them.

Instructions for conferences

Conference organisers are advised to:

  • arrange spaces in the rooms to ensure orderly access, preferably providing separate routes for people to enter and exit
  • in crowded situations, use (and have people use) a face mask, although such use is no longer mandatory
  • make hand sanitiser dispensers available at multiple locations in the room
  • where more than one person needs to use the same remote control, PC, device or any other shared equipment, carry out cleaning with disinfectant between uses.

The rules for catering
  • Food services within the Exhibition Centre comply with the rules stipulated in the national decrees and guidelines for economic and social activities
  • catering spaces have been expanded to ensure distancing
  • we recommend using disposable dishes and glasses.


Per quali servizi è richiesto il Green Pass dall’1 aprile 2022?
As of 1 April 2022, a Green Pass to access the trade fairs is not required.
Are there any special standards for stand design and furnishings?
No. We recommend organising flows with the aim of avoiding gatherings and encouraging compliance with preventive measures, as well as following rules based on common sense. For example, perimeter walls: we suggest designing set-ups with perimeter closures (opaque or transparent) and horizontal closure systems (ceilings and false ceilings), which allow maximum exploitation of the air exchange already present in the reception and administration hall: we recommend maintaining distance between employees and the public. In any case, it is not mandatory to set up physical barriers (e.g., plexiglass screens).
Is it mandatory to indicate the maximum number of people allowed in a stand or hall at the same time?
No, it is not mandatory.
Can showcases, displays and attraction points be placed inside the stand or along its perimeter?
Yes. To ensure distancing, we suggest increasing the number of exhibitors, showcases, and attraction points, and relocating them to different parts of the stand.