Bologna Fiere S.p.A. provides employees, collaborators, business partners, suppliers, and other parties with the opportunity to report possible irregularities committed by other members of the organisation that may seriously threaten the company's reputation.

The purpose is to enable the Company to deal with the reported problem as soon as possible, making risk or damage situations known thus contributing to the prevention and combating of possible wrongdoing.

Through appropriate channels and methods that guarantee protection and confidentiality to the reporter, all stakeholders can thus contribute to combating illicit behaviour and spreading the culture of ethics and legality.



Anyone who becomes directly aware, as a result of the duties performed, of any anomalies, serious irregularities or violations of BolognaFiere's Organisational Model and Code of Ethics may make a report - even anonymously - to the Supervisory Board through these channels

Electronic mail: (address readable only by the external members of the Supervisory Board)

Ordinary mail: to the address - Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BolognaFiere S.p.A. Prof. Avv. Francesco Vella. Via della Zecca 1, 40121 Bologna.

The report will be handled confidentially by the Supervisory Board, which is required not to disclose the identity of the reporter, if any, without his consent. Any personal data will be processed in compliance with the Privacy Law in force and kept for the period of time strictly necessary for the management of the report.

Reports may not be based on 'mere' rumours or hearsay, but must contain circumstantial elements that are useful for ascertaining the legitimacy of the facts reported, so as to enable the Company to carry out the necessary checks.



Whistleblowing is handled with the utmost confidentiality, in accordance with the procedures set out in the relevant Procedure, and the identity of the whistleblower, when declared by him/her, is not disclosed without his/her consent, without prejudice to legal obligations.

Any retaliatory or discriminatory act against the whistleblower for reasons directly or indirectly linked to the report is also prohibited, and disciplinary sanctions are provided for those who breach the whistleblower protection measures.



The whistleblower may not be subject to disciplinary sanctions in any way on the basis of what the whistleblower alleges, without any objective evidence and without any investigation of the facts reported.

Reports made in bad faith, in an opportunistic manner, as well as unfounded reports made with gross negligence, are also a source of liability, in disciplinary and other competent fora.

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